About IUMS

About IUMS

IUMS – the International Union of Microbiological Societies, founded in 1927, unites global microbiological societies to promote sustainable solutions for infectious agent control while preserving microbial diversity and planetary health. It’s one of 31 Scientific Unions in ICSU, a global organization with 120 national scientific body members and 31 International Scientific Union members across 140 countries.

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IUMS Divisions

IUMS is composed of three Divisions, each concerned with a major microbiological science.


Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology (MEM) Division

The aims of the Division of Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology are to further the discipline of eukaryotic microbiology, including mycology and all branches of research related to it; establish and maintain contact among eukaryote microbiologists by spon­soring international congresses, symposia, conferences and colloquia; distribute information; encourage research and training. The Division has links and a strong collaboration with the International Mycological association (IMA).

Bacteriology & Applied Microbiology (BAM) Division

The aims of the Division of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology are to further bacteriology and related sciences throughout the world in research, education and services.

Virology Division

lts aims are to further the discipline of virology and all branches of science related to it; encourage contact among virologists; foster interchange of information through sponsorship of international congresses and symposia.

The Divisions are administratively responsible for Committees, Commissions and Federations, each concerned with a particular aspect of microbiology.

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